Sunday, 1 June 2008

recording in milan 2

sorry for the delay. my favourite camera was stolen and im having to revert back to old ways. also simon got me into 'lost' which is time consuming.
anyway, we ve made a start now.
this is for akiko for reminding me.


tandy90909 said...

Jamie doesn't look to happy in the background
cant wait to hear your new album
cant wait until you start touring again, you guys are amazing live!!

frederico said...

See you guys here in Brazil. Today was announced that you'll be here. i'm so excited .

Good Luck, i cant wait for the gig and the next album.

Ludz said...

you guys are amazing.

and lost is time consuming, but so worth it.

Kat said...

LMAO bless look at Jamie and Steff - I would be SO scared getting a train in a foreign country LOL knowing me I'd get off at the wrong place and get lost LOL but then again some of us can speak Spanish can't we James LOL
And someone stole your camera? thats pretty trampy tbh - You would have thought they would have gone for Jamie's sunnies XD LOL x

Craig said...

Hey guys! Where did you record in milan?? Yeh I'm from Milan and even I've had my ipod nicked on the metro!! Any chance of seeing you guys at reading 2009??

maya said...

real nice pics james. when are u commin' back to sweden?