Sunday, 1 June 2008

recording in milan 1


marcus said...

hi, cool pics

Joshua Cross said...

You know those times in your life when everything seems to be wrong? You usually have a few songs or an album that's with you when you're working out those woes.

'Myths Of The Near Future' was that album for me recently. So, thank you for making a fantastic album that could be along for the insane ride that is my life.

You guys have an amazing talent, so cheers for using it and using it well.

- Joshua

PS: I look forward to the new album.

james said...

thanks joshua. your comment means a lot.
new album's on the horizon.

ojeb1310 said...

i love your music. it really gets me through the days. most days at school i listen to your music any chance i get and attempt to not start dancing or singing out loud. i hope the next album is just as brilliant as the first.

p.s. please come to philadelphia. i need to see you boys live

katie16 said...

how are you?
i was flying out to milan last friday from glasgow prestwick, and i'm sure you were on my flight?
and then on the sunday i flew home and i think you were on the flight back to glasgow too?
if it was you, you probably saw me staring at you, sorry i just didn't know if it was you or not?
then my friend said that you were recording in milan?


Kaja said...

You guys are now near Slovenia and you are more than welcome to come to Ljubljana (the capital). You see, I want to thank you personally for making such a great record. I listen to it all the time:)

- Kaja XOXO

jWall said...

I've taken this to mean you're working on a new album, which is very exciting news for me -- not that Myths doesn't still sound as fresh and amazing as it did when I first heard it last summer. Happy birthday to me.

Thanks for sending something new (and GOOD) over to the otherwise dead American music landscape. Hail to you, the singer/songwriters.

-Joe Wall

Joshua Cross said...

jwall, you ought to check out the Canadian music scene. Death From Above 1979, Crystal Castles, Boys Noize, or even Metric. Actually, just check out Last Gang Records, they're an amazing Canadian label with some brilliant, brilliant artists.

The Canadian music scene (in particular the indie/folk/electronic) has been putting out some amazing artists over the past five or so years.

k-smoove said...

Can't wait for it! Come to Canada!


nice pics!

Annie said...

there's always a happy/warm/forward thinking feeling when listening to "myths of the near future" - an album that continues to inspire me to this day. i can't thank you guys enough for that and really can't wait to see what you guys come up with next.

Anni T. said...

This is very exciting. Still loving you guys from the US. I know you won't disappoint, you're so refreshing. Have fun.

frederico said...

Nice pics, I'm glad that you'll be here in Brazil in october, probably.

Light in your lifes.

Joshua Thompson said...

A new album? That would make my year, cant wait.

Splendour in the Grass is on again in a month down here in Aus, are you guys going to be the secret act after we missed out on you last year?

Please come back here soon.

Thomas Green said...


Thomas Green said...

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fanny frejborg said...

awwww love these xD

silbi said...

I love you guys. When are you coming to San Francisco?