Saturday, 15 December 2007



MAI said...

it was sooo great live in nagoya!
miss you so much already
we are looking foward seeing you next year again
merry christmas

love you heaps
sisters in osaka

Chika said...

thank you for the great show in Japan!!
I was at the second day in Tokyo
and it was so amazing.
I've never felt kind of feeling
like getting high in any lives.
Your music is the best in 2007
to me!!

I can't wait to see you next year!!
See you in Tokyo again!

lovexxx Chika

Nilina said...

You know you don't only have to post when Klaxons are out and about :) - I enjoy your observations about the world at large and where things fit into it - such as that Luke Australia post even if it's occurring in London...
Enjoy the time off!

Surrealistic Odyssey said...

Hi James!!
OMG!! Thx god that you're ok and nothing happened in the airplane's incident.
I wish you a Happy Christmas with all your family and all the people that you love :)
And I really hope that the next year will come with more good things for you!!

Greetings from Mexico

By the way I hope the next year you'll be here in Mexico in a great gig just like the last time :D

lucy_liluxxx said...

James, wish you the best for this holidays and of course next year!!!!

Hope to see you and the guys in Mexico again [on tour] when the next cd comes out!

Luv yu ^^

Sol said...

Are those balloons?

nicoleeRAWR said...

Hai James, lolz.
Here goes another fangirly comment on your blog. But don't you just love those?

Anyway, we'd just like to inform you that you were crowned Princess of Hottness! (Or God, whatever floats your boat.)

And here's a pic to show you it:

We know for sure you'll like it, because we do. So you will. End of.

Your adored idols-- oh, er, fans, I mean.
Ana & Nicole.

O vaqueiro said...

Hey are u really playing in Brazil next May?

Carol said...
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Carol said...


Lily said...

Awesome pictures! :D Japan muste be beautiful, i wish i could visit Tokio some day.
It would be amazing if you come back to Mexico, we love you here!! n__n

ruben_cdz_ynuiacha said...

the our future.

Melody said...

i was looking at this pic for hours...i still dont know whats that????!:/ :)

Thought, A Brilliant Disaster said...

You guys are amazing. Beautiful, inspiring, and holy craps enlightened haha