Friday, 30 July 2010

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rarocella said...

Hi James, wow I bought the pre-release tickets 9:00 this morning for the spontaneous Heaven gig on August 25th. Your latest album (well judging by the material released so far; flashover and echoes) is just mind blowing - what an enticing start to your hugely awaited return Klaxons! I’m on the edge for more, and judging by numerous reviews circulating the media, your album is clearly set to be a sell out (glad I pre-ordered mine :) ). It has taken considerable dedication and patience to reach this point, especially with last years
re-recording of the entire album. Despite the few that may state the album anticipation gap of three years got the better them, with music set to bigger and better than the first album (now that is saying something) who really cares if it takes ten years. Love the klaxons and always will.

Dwita Budilestari said...

it's nearly your birthday James :) x

Ra-Rocella said...

Happy Birthday James, cannot wait until Heaven's gig tonight - I was wondering as to what time you and the band take to the stage, some people say it's 7pm and others 8pm. Slightly curious but will you be playing a mixture of both 'Myths of the near future' and 'Surfing the void'? (bringing back to life Golden Skans, Grafity's Rainbow and It's Not Over Yet - these in particular as the piano and vocals are timeless classics that I would relish to see live.
I await your comments.

Penny Lane said...

Hey James,
Just saw the Klaxons play The Enmore in Sydney last night! Kick ass gig as usual!
You guys are amazing.
I've got a blogspot music blog I'll post a review in the next few days. Check it out if you get time.
Keep it up!