Monday, 31 May 2010

snoozer to southend


Ra-Rocella said...

Hi James,

Your pictures are considerably kooky, I really like the quirky kind of themes you captivate. You sure have some collection now. I have been checking frequently for an updated post, and I really was hoping for a reply to my earlier comments. No worries, although one question: will you tour Ireland or France any time this summer? I would love to hear you guys live, as I'm sure your shows are as cool as I am told. Your show in Dublin was really amazing apparently. I long to see you live. Will you make a return to the London scene?

Best Regards, Ra-rocella

Sarah said...

Ooh! Miniature golf!

How is everything James?

And i too am wondering where you may perform this summer. Do you think you will be going to France? I'd die to see a show, especially with the new album and all.

Lots of love and the best of luck.


james said...

yoyoyo,,,,, first london show at village underground next month. paris gig at nouveau casino on 15th june. we'll be touring all over europe in the autumn. good times.

Ra-Rocella said...

Thanks for the reply. That sounds pretty cool. Regrettably away on those dates, moreover in the autumn, will you return to London? If so, that would be great. Hope to hear back from you.

P.S How did the gig in South End go? Good Luck with the Plymouth gig tomorrow.

Best Regards, Ra-Rocella

adolphe Saxx said...

to real james
Is that in UK or in band's dream continent to play in it?
James! take some pictures of old people, what about that?
from real ada..

Dwita Budilestari said...

i love you!