Monday, 29 October 2007



Lucy said...

your show in sydney was the highlight of my life. thank you.

mynamesdanica said...

I saw Craig Nicholls at your show at the Enmore :)
geez you guys were awesome :D

Natalie said...

Melbourne! Yay! Ramsay St! Luna Park! ~ Such ::cultural institutions:: on the world stage... Anyway, I'm glad Simon was happy, and I hope you come back soon ~ I'd suggest making your next album here, but what do I know.. but Australia's doors are always open, if you're British that is. ;P

playgroundlover said...

osea James, ¿qué es para ti la generosidad además de una botella de Bourbon? no me lo quiero ni imaginar

anyway, i'm jealous, sleepy jackson are one of my faves (couldn t imagine you'd like them, good point)

que estés bien!!

Max said...

I was just in front of you @ werchter festival. you had your JUSTICE shirt:)
GREAT concert
GREAT music.
rw! there's seven more miles to go..

I'd love to meet you guys,
maybe to work with you...
(i'm a young and lost 19years old Belgian photographer) PLEASE.
I'm not joking.

Next time you're around Brussels (amaaazing city) or Paris, just tell me ..

oh i have an idea
i know it sounds stupid for you,
but it would take 5 seconds of your time,...

Can you just watch my website? With my photographs? And if you leave a message, just sign .. Patrick. yeah, Patrick's great.



Annie said...

i am so delighted to hear that simon's a fan of craig nicholls. i'm also jealous he got to meet him! luckylucky. australia sounds amazing.

iloveklaxons said...

so this means you will come back??? maybe big day out???

please :D


Andy said...

did you go on the speed under sydney harbor which has the teeth, like the sharp teeth painted on, i went on that a couple of years ago, so fun

Riley said...

dude your brisbane show was insane!
i was kindA sad at your choice of song for the encore, because clearly the show was over..
it was FUCKING AWESOME tho and i really hope you guys come back.

it was totally worth telling everyone who bought justin timberlake tickets (his bris show was the same nite) that they paid 2wice the price to sit in the nosebleed section and hear him lipsync and are therfore gay cunts


Anonymous said...

hey james

how are you ????
i like your song ^^


tegaN said...

I've also had the great privilege of meeting Luke Steele. He is a great man and an amazing songwriter and musician. If only there were more like him.

ellennorrish said...

i live in perth,
and i've never really liked it here
it's too hot

i love your pictures

Noel said...

that ride looks super creepy.

Roisin said...

You guys should come to New Zealand... particularly, Christchurch. I'll buy you guys a drink! :D

Melody said...

this should be funny for kids???it scares me!!!:D

Anonymous said...

They used to have a large,orange,octopus head and tentacles, decked with lights, on this ride, in Vancouver. And somehow, this is still more disturbing.

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